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“When we started our first group lesson, I didn’t know what to expect. But I know that I will be...

- Bobby

Dusty is an awesome person to talk to with our one-on-one calls. Even though I was really stressed o...

- Trudy
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The Easy Tarot Lessons podcast is back! Every week (or so) we will get you a new lesson absolutely free. Occasionally we will mix it up by including interviews with other tarot authors, tarot teachers, and tarot artists. These lessons are intended to help you get better results from your readings (with less frustration) and work    especially well with the book. But you can just listen to the podcasts on their own and practice what you learn here if your prefer. What matters is that you get in and start learning! Stay with the tarot. It works!

All of our tarot podcasts can also be found at, or you can play them now (below) or subscribe on iTunes and get all of our audio tarot lessons in podcast format free. Listen to them on your iPod, iPhone, Android, tablet, computer – pretty much anywhere.